About Us

Roti, phulka or chapatti – Call it what you like but this staple of Indian meals is close to every Indian and Indian-at-heart. Native to the entire Indian sub-continent, this remarkably simple concoction of just wheat flour and water has a myriad set of emotions and memories attached with it. Over several millennia, generations of its makers and consumers have lived and grown with fond memories, associated with both the acts of preparation and consumption.

However, a lot has changed in our lives and our kitchens seem to be the most affected. Small joys like hot Roti, which were an indelible part of our palette, are now a luxury. Today, singletons and working couples living in any Indian metro can hardly dream of this luxury, especially, on weekdays. Most either struggle to put together a proper meal or have to survive on the mercy of restaurants or not-so-friendly cooks. And while the problem may seem complicated, the solution is rather simple - Nipun Ready-to-Eat Roti.

With its finger on the pulse of the nation, Nipun understands the changing face of the nation along with all its motivations and handicaps. It’s a Brand conceived of, for and by the likes of the very people who have encountered these typical issues and therefore, is adept in devising the most novel solution. Solution that makes life easy! Like a fresh roti made from whole-wheat flour, available everywhere and ready in a jiffy!


Our vision is to be recognized as a well-respected, progressive and performance driven organization enjoying leadership position in every business we operate in.


Commit ourselves towards building a forward thinking and diversified organization, aiming to maximize the investors’ value by continuously enhancing our business performance, delivering healthy financial results and achieving sustainable growth. Provide a wide range of quality products and services at affordable prices and thus commit ourselves to the welfare of our customers, our channel partners and the society at large.

Continue fostering our strong belief in professionalism, personal integrity, highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business and corporate social responsibility while attaining individual career aspirations and maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

Core Values